Secrets of Ravenshire: The Wyndward Family Saga


Once upon a time...

Secrets of Ravenshire is envisioned as an epic historical series exploring the Wyndward family through tales spanning generations. Secrets buried in diaries, hearts and deep corners of the soul are revealed. The cover design suggests secrets: quill and paper point to the diaries and letters of the main characters, the maps signify the wide reach of the 11th Earl of Ravenshire's trading companies, and the seal in the wax represents the privacy of one's innermost secrets.

Secrets of Ravenshire: Romance and Revenge, Book One (1811) of The Gabriella Trilogy, is now published and available as a paperback or Kindle version on Short stories centering on the character Jean-Louis Chevalier are available In Kindle version.

The first trilogy centers on Lady Gabriella Wyndward, daughter of the 11th Earl of Ravenshire. Known as "Bri" to her family, she is the wealthiest heiress of the Marriage Season in London in 1811. This is a centuries-spanning historical fiction series with elements of romance and suspense. There is no erotica. Romance, of course, is a main theme of all great storytelling. This series weaves romance, suspense, danger and intrigue through multiple character arcs. As in life, one never knows what is coming next.

Prequels delving into the childhoods of the mature characters will be published after The Gabriella Trilogy. In addition, short stories centering on secondary characters may available in the future, providing more in-depth backstories than the main novels allow.

The trilogies, or collections, will not be done chronologically, but rather in the order the muse demands.