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Prequels to The Gabriella Trilogy

After finishing the initial book that I later split into the first trilogy, I decided to explore the childhoods of the mature adults to develop their character arcs. Three are in various stages of completion, and may be split into more.

As yet untitled and of an uncertain number - more than three, so probably more than one trilogy - these stories will be separate books under the overall Secrets of Ravenshire umbrella, centering on Henry, Gwyneth and Rychard, the children of Neyl Wyndward, 10th Earl of Ravenshire, and Lady Rebecca, who dies from a wasting illness when the children are young. 

Henry's longing for adventure on the sea, Gwyneth's passion for art, writing and animals, and Rychard's connection to the land and forests of Ravenshire govern their chosen paths.

The childhood of the overarching villain is also explored.

Can any of us escape the influences of our earliest years?



Sequels to The Gabriella Trilogy

The family will be expanding operations around the world, so story lines between continents will intertwine.

A few teasers of the future are in the short stories about Jean-Louis. Once I start writing, the characters take over, so I can't predict now where their choices will lead.



Next Trilogies or Short Stories

After I finish the first prequel trilogy, I plan to turn to the sequel trilogy, then back to the past - but which century I have no idea right now.

Right now, my plans are for short stories about Nambotha, Nashmir, Mlle. Sabine and Giselle as well as more on Jean-Louis.