Secrets of Ravenshire: The Gabriella Trilogy

Secrets of Ravenshire series will explore generations of the Wyndward family from its origins in ancient Rome through the centuries that follow. The novels are not written in chronological order, but in trilogies or segments depending on where my muse leads me. It all starts with The Gabriella Trilogy. Prequels and sequels are in the works.

The Gabriella Trilogy centers on Lady Gabriella Wyndward (known as "Bri"), the only child and sole heiress of Henry Wyndward, the 11th Earl of Ravenshire, a man who inherited vast estates and developed a trading fortune on his own initiative. Bri is an independent woman ahead of her time: defiant in resistance to social conventions and determined to meet the challenges of a changing world. 

The covers below are mock-ups and may change.

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Secrets of Ravenshire: Romance and Revenge

The Gabriella Trilogy, Book One (1811)

Lady Gabriella Wyndward is compelled by her father, Henry Wyndward, the 11th Earl of Ravenshire, to attend to Marriage Season in the city of London. Educated by the same tutor as her father, she excels at analytical financial techniques and secretly acts as Lord Ravenshire's "man-of-affairs" monitoring the management of the family's vast estates in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland as well as her father's sprawling international trading company. Despite her resistance to being paraded in front of Society, she is the best hope to continue the Wyndward line and is considered the catch of the Season for the well-born men of her social station, offering beauty as well as an unmatched inheritance.

In Romance and Revenge, Bri juggles multiple suitors, uncovers a conspiracy against her father, battles an establishment rooted in the assumed superiority of birth, unearths shocking secrets, finds love and faces mortal danger.

Will she be the next Wyndward to die?


TGT: book two

Secrets of Ravenshire: Temptation and Treachery

The Gabriella Trilogy, Book Two (1811-12)

In Temptation and Treachery, Bri faces a series of crises as her fiancé succumbs to temptation, a vengeful villain threatens her life, a rival for her father's love reappears, she learns secrets that disillusion her, and rumors of war upend her world.

Planned publication date: Spring 2018.

TGT: book three

Secrets of Ravenshire: Venom and Valor

Book Three: Venom and Valor (1812-14)

In Venom and Valor, Bri deals with the unknown fates of her fiancé and father, battles attacks on her father's holdings in his absence, and faces life challenges. War, love, loss, and reunion are juggled by multiple characters and as the trilogy ends, new challenges emerge for the future.

Planned publication date: Summer 2018.