Introduction to Noëlle de Beaufort Blog

I am in the process of finalizing the three books in The Gabriella Trilogy, part of the Secrets of Ravenshire series, tales of the Wyndward family spanning centuries from its emergence in ancient Rome forward. Who knows where the journey will take me? Come along with me and find out.

As I work through this process, I may post character backstories, interesting historical anecdotes or tidbits I've discovered, how characters might view current events, comments on writing in general...not sure yet how it will develop.

Sometimes I debate with myself about a character's arc, or the impact of historical events or cultural trends of the setting of my novels. Other times I might present a character's internal musings.

I chose the family saga genre for its freedom to explore characters in different time periods. I like to add tidbits of history, not to create an exhaustively accurate portrayal of life at that time, but simply to provide enough historical context to make the setting believable, as a backdrop for character self-examination and growth. The setting or time is a minor "character" in my novels, not the driving force. 

When I went back to do the prequels of the mature adults in The Gabriella Trilogy, new characters popped in, so I'm editing the first trilogy to incorporate some of them to add continuity.

Romance and suspense are intertwined in the characters' lives, just as in our own. Maybe we can learn something about ourselves from understanding how these characters act and interact.

I'd like to get something posted at least once a week, but it may take awhile to get ramped up.

As far as publication dates, I plan to indie publish, and I hope the first one will be available in 2017. In the meantime, I will publish the Jean-Louis short stories on Kindle and other readers sometime this spring or summer. Life intervenes in the best of plans.

Thanks for reading!